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vue3-pixi changes the rules for rendering different tags through custom renderers. Each element will be rendered as a different PIXI instance.

Currently, the following PixiJS objects are supported out of the box:


To avoid conflicts with other tags, such as <filter>, you can use the pixi- prefix or capitalize the first letter with <Filter>.

<Filter />
<!-- or -->
<pixi-filter />

All elements (including custom elements) can use the pixi- prefix or capitalize the first letter to avoid conflicts with other tags.

Using a Custom Element

You can add custom PIXI instances to the renderer if you have a custom class (whether it's your own or from a third-party library).

// main.js
import { Text } from 'pixi.js'
import { pathProp as defPathProp, renderer } from 'vue3-pixi'

class YellowText extends Text {
  constructor(text, style) {
    super(text, style) = 'yellow'

  name: 'YellowText',
  createElement: props => new YellowText(props.text,,
  pathProp(el, key, prevValue, nextValue) {
    // handle special prop here..

    // or fallback to default
    return defPathProp(el, key, prevValue, nextValue)
  // nextSibling
  // insert
  // setElementText
  // setText
  // parentNode

Please note that if you modify any of these configurations, the default configuration for that will be overridden.

To prevent Vue program from issuing warnings and to handle them, you need to add the following content in the Vue plugin configuration.

import { defineConfig } from 'vite'
import vue from '@vitejs/plugin-vue'
import { isCustomElement, transformAssetUrls } from 'vue3-pixi'

export default defineConfig({
  plugins: [
      template: {
        // support for custom elements and remove the unknown element warnings
        compilerOptions: {
          isCustomElement: (tag) => {
            return tag === 'yellow-text' || isCustomElement(tag)

If you are using TypeScript, you can add types to custom elements by declaring GlobalComponents from the @vue/runtime-core module.

import type { TextProps } from 'vue3-pixi'

interface YellowTextProps extends TextProps {
  text: string
  style: TextStyle
  // ...

interface YellowTextComponent {
  (props: YellowTextProps): any

declare module '@vue/runtime-core' {
  interface GlobalComponents {
    YellowText: YellowTextComponent
    PixiYellowText: YellowTextComponent